Privacy Policy

This privacy statement indicates why Decoder collects, processes, manages and protects your data and what it is used for. BISDecoderM handles all of the data with great care. The statement is in conformity with General Data Protection Regulation.

The data processor is BISM INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION, ( “Asociația BISM INTERNATIONAL”) of Bucuresti, CIF 27239140,

From whom does Decoder collect personal data?

The Decoder website may collect personal data from general users of the website. The information is collected via contact forms, event registration forms and through the use of cookies.

Why does Decoder collect your personal data and what is it used for?

Decoder collects data for the following specific purposes: administration, providing services, giving information, authorizing access and tracking how the website is used.

It is important for Decoder to administrate the personal data of these groups because of the internal operational processes. The administration is done for the following operational processes:

  • For tracking the use of our website, your IP address, information regarding interactions with the podcasts and time spent on the website will be saved. However, this data is anonymous. This data is collected in order for Decoder to improve the website and external communication.
  • To better organize logistics for the events at which you are to participate;
  • To send you newsletters and marketing information if you show additional interest and only if you have consented to us doing so;
  • To better understand how to improve our content.

By registering for an event, you are accepting and consenting that we may use your image in case the pictures or videos enclosing you are relevant to us and published on our media channels: Facebook page, LinkedIn page, design materials and website and other channels.

If you send an email to Decoder ’s email account (, your email including email address will be forwarded to the concerned team/department. Your email address will only be used for replying to your email.

If you are on the Decoder mailing list, you will receive regular newsletters. You can unsubscribe to these newsletters at all times. This also applies to all of the other mailing lists.

With whom do we share your personal data?

Personal data will mainly be used by employees for internal operational processes. It could be essential to enter your personal data into a system that Decoder uses for its administration. Your personal data will not be entered into a system if it is not essential. The systems are protected with a personal login and password. 

By signing up for an event, you also agree to receive communication from Decoder’s sponsors, mentioned in each event page.

In addition, employees do not have access to every system. They only have access to the systems they need for doing the tasks belonging to their position. Overall, your personal data will not be shared with or provided to organizations outside Decoder, unless this is specified in the form you are filling in. Also, when it serves the purpose for which your personal data was collected or when the law requires Decoder to do so.

How do we keep your personal data safe and how long do we keep it?

It is important for Decoder to keep your personal data private, safe and protected. Therefore, the data is stored in secure servers and protected by other security measures, such as firewalls. Your personal data will not be kept longer than needed, according to Article 5, section 1c of the General Data Protection Regulation. This means BISM will delete your personal data, if there is no purpose for it anymore. Except when your anonymized data could serve as input for statistical purposes or needs to be saved based on compulsory retention period.

How can you view, change and delete your personal data?

You have the right to view, change or delete your personal data. If you want to make use of this right or if you have any questions regarding your personal data, please contact Decoder by sending an email to the following email address: We will make sure your email is received by the department who manages your personal data.


The Decoder website uses cookies; a simple and small text file that will be automatically placed on your device as soon as you use our website. These cookies guarantee that the website works properly. You will get a pop-up message about the cookies when you visit Decoder ’s website and they will be installed when you use the website.

Updating this privacy statement

Decoder can always update this privacy statement according to new laws, legislation and/or work procedures. This privacy statement was last updated, and is effective as of 1 February 2023.